Public Affairs

17107_mainWe help to build up and politically position individuals, corporations, nonprofits, and other entities by combining public affairs with a well-managed public relations campaign. With clients internationally, we have a proven track record of facilitating dialogue and partnership in regard to some of today’s most critical issues.

We focus on building and then maintaining longterm relationships between our clients and stakeholders. We build bridges enabling our clients to engage in constructive policy discussions, create long-lasting and productive relationships, and get to the heart of today’s most important issues.

With our detail-oriented and cohesive process, we work as a team to create a PR campaign that includes strategic media relationships, advocacy advertising and government affiliation. With our holistic and evenhanded approach, we are able to straddle the divide between nations, political parties and religions. This effectiveness can be seen on the global level, the national level and even the municipal level in relevant cases.